The Legend of the Rabbit on the Moon

 The god Quetzalcoatl went to travel the world, walked for a whole day until the night came. The stars were shining and the moon was radiant, he sat on the roadside to take a break when he saw a beautiful rabbit

-What are you eating? - asked Quetzalcoatl

-Grass, its delicious. Do you want? The rabbit asked

Thank you, but I don't like grass.

-So, what are you going to eat? I see you hungry.

-I don't know, maybe I will die.

So the Rabbit said;

- No, that will not happen. If you're hungry you can eat me, I'm here.

Quetzalcoatl full of tenderness stroked him and said:

- Your great act will pass to history and you will stop being a simple rabbit, everyone will remember you

Quetzalcoatl raised him high, very high, to the moon, which embodied the figure of the rabbit. Then Quetzatcoatl fell to the ground and said:

-There you have your portrait in light, men will recognize your humility every time they see you on the moon.