There was once a beautiful blue lake where a bird with ugly feathers lived and every morning he swam in the beautiful waters with the illusion that his feathers would change from color...


Several days went by until finally his wings became beautiful. During those days the Coyote had watched the bird and was amazed by the impressive change so he asked:


-How did you do to change your feathers?- asked the Coyote


-I bath every day singing a beautiful song. Do you want me to teach it to you?


-The Coyote replied; Of course I would love to!


Since then, the Coyote sang and bathed in the lake until finally one day he came out of the water with a splendid blue. Delighted with its new color he began to run around until he hit a tree that collapsed and messed his new fur. Since then, all coyotes have the color of dust on Earth.