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One-of-a-kind cotton gauze hand embroidered by Temoaya artisans. Hand dyed with cochineal and wild marigold in our studio in Mexico City.
Time: 4 days
The mask of Malinaltepec could be defined as a ceremonial face of Teotihuacan style, made of green stone, originally designed as a transmitting agent of powers, 1800 years ago. It was recovered and modified later by the former residents of Mezcala, who added the incrustations of serpentine, amazonite, turquoise, shell and obsidian.
The masks had a cosmic meaning. 
This item is naturally dyed in Mexico through a totally organic process. Colour variations are a result of the dyeing process and are a part of this garment´s individual beauty. The garment may fade a little when washed, its is part of its nature.

- 100% cotton

- Hand embroidery

- Naturally dyed. 

- Made in Mexico with care

- Hand wash in cold water with eco friendly detergents and line dry by the shade. 

- The dyed textile may change colour when exposed to the sun, sweat and air.

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