About Us

Where the rainbow was born

Korimi was founded by Annia Ezquerro and Monserrat Dominguez with the idea of connecting the universe of moms, dads and kids through objects that promote their imagination. Objects that capture the richness, wealth and diversity of the Mexican imagination.

Our first collection is inspired by stories and legends from Mexico, the illustrations were made by the founders and carefully hand-embroidered by women in Chiapas and Estado de Mexico. Each one of the pieces tell us a story, collective stories that connect with our roots, stories to share our ancestral cosmovision, stories of mexican women that with their hands are bringing a new era for our planet.

Korimi means rainbow in tarahuamara and we understand life as a continuous cycle, thats why we are committed to developed sustainable products, social and women empowering program in diverse communities of artisans.

We believe that each one of our pieces its like sowing a seed, a seed for a conscious kid.
Annia and Monse