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Cotton gauze hand embroidered by Temoaya artisans. Natural hand dyed.
PINK/YELLOW: Cornstalk dracaena (Palo de Brasil) and Wild Marigold.
Time: 4 days
The colossal heads of the Olmec, were extraordinarily well carved in blocks of basaltic stone of about 20 tons each. Each head has a unique hull and their faces are different and of large size. 
This item is naturally dyed in Mexico through a totally organic process. Colour variations are a result of the dyeing process and are a part of this garment´s individual beauty. The garment may fade a little when washed, its is part of its nature.

- 100% cotton

- Hand embroidery

- Naturally dyed. 

- Made in Mexico with care

- Hand wash in cold water with eco friendly detergents and line dry by the shade. 

- The dyed textile may change colour when exposed to the sun, sweat and air.

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