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Linen hand embroidered by Temoaya artisans.

Time: 6 hours

   Our San Pablito Protection Shirt is inspired and honors El Señor Del Monte, powerful deity of the mountains in the Otomi and Mazatec culture.

The magic figures, with their primitive beauty, most often depict a standing man with representations above and beside him of the plant or the animal upon magic is to work.
Naturally dyed with cochineal.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

This item is naturally dyed in Mexico through a totally organic process. Colour variations are a result of the dyeing process and are a part of this garment´s individual beauty. The garment may fade a little when washed, its is part of its nature.

- 100% linen

- Natural dyed  with cochineal

- Oversized fit

- Hand embroidery 

- Made in Mexico with care

- Hand wash in cold water with eco friendly detergents and line dry by the shade

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