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 Our San Pablito Protection Shirt is inspired and honors El Señor Del Monte, powerful deity of the mountains in the Otomi and Mazatec culture.

Unisex Style.  Boxy fit button down shirt with hand embroidered details in 100% linen.

Time: 6 hours

The traditional manufacture of Amate bark paper has persisted from Pre Hispanic times. The paper is used to cut out figures which are believed to possess magical properties and are used as offerings to the Earth.

The Otomis, make payment for everything they require. The mountains receive ceremonial tribute in return for trees and for successful crops, the earth is repaid with offerings and paper cuts.
Naturally dyed with cochineal, indigo or pericón..

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

This item is naturally dyed in Mexico through a totally organic process. Colour variations are a result of the dyeing process and are a part of this garment´s individual beauty. The garment may fade a little when washed, its is part of its nature.

- 100% linen

- Natural dyed  with cochineal, indigo and pericón.

- Oversized fit

- The Long size version is designed for taller people. 

- Hand embroidery 

- Made in Mexico with care

- Hand wash in cold water with eco friendly detergents and line dry by the shade

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